Types of profile

There are three types of user profiles, which are as follows:

Local User Profile    This profile is automatically created the first time a user logs on to the computer, and it is stored on the computer’s local hard drive. Any changes made to the local user profile are specific to the computer where the change was made.

Roaming User Profile    You, as the administrator, create this profile, and store it on a network server. This profile is available when a user logs on to any computer on the network. Any changes made to roaming user profiles are automatically updated on the server when the user logs off.

Mandatory User Profile    Mandatory user profiles are stored on a network server and are downloaded each time the user logs on. This profile does not update when the user logs off. It is useful for situations where consistent or job-specific settings are needed Only administrators can make changes to mandatory user profiles. If the mandatory user profile is unavailable, the user cannot log on.

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