Active Directory Partitions

1. What is Active Directory Partitions?

In simple words a directory partition is where the AD information is segregated and logically stored.

2. What is use Active Directory Partitions?

There are three native partitions Schema/Configuration/Domain and additionally there is also the Application partition.

  • Schema information contains – definitional details about objects and attributes that one CAN store in the AD. Replicates to all domain controllers. Static in nature.
  • Configuration information contains – configuration data about forest and trees. Replicates to all domain controllers. Static as your forest is.
  • Domain information contains – object information for a domain. Replicates to all domain controllers within a domain. The object portion becomes part of Global Catalog.
  • Application Partition contains – information about applications in Active Directory. E.g. when AD integrated DNS is used there are two application partitions for DNS zones – ForestDNSZones and DomainDNSZones.

Schema  -AD Schema

Config – AD Topology

Domain- Domain specific data

Application – Database of AD intergrated Applications Domain and Forest .We can customize in DNS zone creation time .

Create a new zone below box we can enable it with following command via CMD


dnscmd <SRV NAME> /createdirectorypartion <>

dnscmd <SRV NAME> /Enlistdirectorypartion <>

dnscmd <SRV NAME> /unlistdirectorypartion <>

for delete

dnscmd <SRV NAME> /deleteEnlistdirectorypartion <>


Note : need to be restarted the DNS services.

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