What is Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Help Desk support?

Level 1:
Helpdesk Telephone Support
About 10 mins of semi-technical person seeing if its something simple. Can you turn it off and on again or looking for errors.
Failing that they log a spiceworks ticket and pass to Level 2

Account unlocks and basic bits and bobs also go here.

Level 2:
Technician Level
Physical Visit/ Software Install / Hardware failure or miss configuration.

Level 3:

Sysadmin Level

Security Impact, Major issue affecting multiple users, server issues, site failures, networking problems (That are not the cable in the back of the PC)

We also have a 4th level which is out ICT manager. The above assumes there is a problem. Anything that is a change goes to management to authorise and then they pass the authorised ticket back to level 2-3 depending on its requirement.

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