GSM FCT (fix cellular terminal) device is used for voice call service by GSM network using regular telephone instrument. Authentic A300 GSM FCT is all SIM open (unlock) FCT, used to make calls by your telephone instrument or you can connect GSM FCT to your PBX as a separate line.

What Is Fixed Cellular Terminal? A fixed cellular terminal which is also known as fixed wireless terminal or a SIM box is actually a set of equipments. This set contains one or more subscriber identity modules (SIMs) that use to deliver the landline calls directly to the mobile network. To make this transfer of calls form landline to mobile phones FCT is used as a route after passing which calls are transferred form one place to another. To transfer the traffic through FCT on a mobile network air interface is used instead of Point of Interconnection (POI) between the landline and mobile networks. After this process the call from the landline also use to appear as it is done from the mobile network and charges are deducted according the call rates of mobile phones rather than landline.


How calls are handled in FCT?

Conventional arrangements for handling the calls for mobile services means that access must be given to service providers so that they can generate the fixed-to-mobile calls. To give access to these calls a mobile terminating access service (MTAS) has to be purchased for the operator so that these calls can be terminated form landline to mobile phones. In this process the originating access service provider use to transfer the call from landline to mobile network operator through POI and like this the call is completed. The purchase cost of MTAS is recovered by the originating access service provider through the cost of originating the calls and charges that use to be taken by the customer etc. this schedule of collecting payments is known as “termination” model or the “calling party pays” model.

But for users these calls are always beneficial because they save the money by termination of calls.


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