E-commerce site using opencart on ubuntu 14.04


OpenCart is a popular open source shopping cart solution and provides elegantly written tools to establish a fully functional online store from scratch in a very short me with intuitive screens.It is a free open source ecommerce platform for online merchants.


We need to install LAMP . (See the LAMP installation)

Download the file from their website

http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=download/download ( here I used winscp to upload the file from windows to virtualbox)


sudo wget https://github.com/opencart/opencart/archive/

mv opencart.*  /var/www/opencart
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/opencart/

chmod 777 /var/www/opencart/

mysql -u root -p (Enter your mysql password)
CREATE USER opencart IDENTIFIED BY 'opencartadmin';
GRANT ALL ON opencart.* TO opencartadmin;

Go to the browser and click upload the installation starts .

You must get the following errors!!

We need to install below methods to overcome this errors.
Install php Curl:
sudo apt-get install php5-curl php5-gd
To be writable we need rename to below names :

root@ubuntu:/var/www/opencart/upload# mv config-dist.php config.php

root@ubuntu:/var/www/opencart/upload/admin# mv config-dist.php config.php
Warning: mCrypt extension needs to be loaded for OpenCart to work! 
#php -m (view mcrypt module is installed)

#sudo apt-get install php5-mcrypt

#sudo php5enmod mcrypt

#sudo service apache2 restart 

Now see everything fine

Enter your db info opencart db 
Installation completed...4 
Its your admin access page5 
 Admin dashboard 6 

Default opencart home page7  Note: We need to remove the install directory from 
root@ubuntu:/var/www/opencart/upload#rm -rf install/

 Its ready the site.....


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