How to enable Godmode in windows 10

godmode icon 100160661 large


God mode is an old term which was used to gaming for cheat pupose .In god mode we can able to fly or cheat the game and win.

Usually here all in one program mes. Its a good tool for every system admin.


  1.  Create a new folder in Windows
  2. Rename it to: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}godmode
  3. Once renamed it’ll converted and looks like control panel icon, open and there you have it.god-mode-enable






Note: You can enable GodMode using this trick in Windows Vista Window 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1,and Windows 10.

How to enable all GodMode folders?

There’s a lot more to this GodMode trick. There are a lot more GodMode folders waiting for you to utilize them. Copy and paste the script written below in a new notepad file. Rename this file as “godmodes.bat” and paste at the location where you want these GodMode folders to be. Now click on the renamed file “godmodes.bat” and there you have a list of GodMode folders, all with different uses.

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