Set up a CMS website b2evolution

b2evolution8Think of b2evolution as a strong foundation for building your website.

Once b2evolution is installed on your web server (or web hosting account), it will easily let you build a website consisting of any combination you choose of blogs, pages, photo galleries, forums, online manuals and more. You have full control of how small or how complex you want your website to be. You can start small (for example a simple blog) and extend it later. You can also customize the look & feel of each section with a combination of Skins and Widgets.

As soon as you have set up a prototype of your site, b2evolution will let you enter content (blog posts, pages…) and upload media files (photos, videos…) to be included in your content. Your content can be edited and re-organized at any time.

Once your content is pusblished, visitors can leave comments on any page you choose. If you’d like, you can also let your users register an account fo themselves in order to build an online community, complete with user profiles, publci forums and private messaging as well.

b2evolution also provides Server Side Analytics and includes powerful Antispam tools for dealing with undesirable visitors or users.

All of this stays very flexible and can be modified at any time. This is why we call b2evolution a CCMS: Content + Community Management System.

Everything described here happens on your own website and your own domain. Contrary to other website or blog building solutions, with b2evolution everything is under your control and yours only. If you don’t have a website/domain yet, you may easily get one from our hosting partners. (They will even offer 1-click installation of b2evolution on your site to get you started even faster.)

Another noticeable advantage of using b2evolution for building your website is that everything you will need is likely to be included. You won’t need to hunt down, select, buy and maintain third party plugins for advanced features. With b2evolution, everything you need is included, right out of the box.

And it’s 100% Free and Open Source.


Etract zip file and upload to /var/www/

Open web browser type the Ubuntu server IP During installation we need to create DB via phpmyadmin



Note :Reset admin password

Through phpMyAdmin you can access your database.
Select the correct database in the left hand box.
Find evo_users and hit “Browse”

In this box hit the pencil “Edit”

For the password (the string with random numbers and letters) fill in “b3188adab3f07e66582bbac456dcd212” without the quotes.
Save, leave phpMyAdmin and enter your blog. Your password is now “cabbage” without the quotes. Don’t forget to change your password as soon as you’ll be able to login.


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