How to Bypass the Expiration of Trial Software – Other Usage of Deep Freeze

Trial software’s usually called sharewares were those programs and applications that allows a user to try and test its functionality within a period of time that is usually 15 to 30 days or number of times of usage. After it expires, it stops working, it won’t run or reduces its functionality. 

As stated in previous postDeep Freeze program is used to shield the operating system from any changes. When in frozen mode, it restores the original state of the operating system and other installed programs when the system reboots or restarts. However, such program can be use also to bypass the expiration of trial software’s.


If the system is in frozen mode, you can install the trial software (excluding Deep Freeze) anytime that you want it to use. You can bypass the expiration, because the installed files and entries in the registry such as licensing keys, installation date or any footprints will be wipe out upon restart.

It is a double purpose.

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